渡邉 康太


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Kota Watanabe
渡邉 康太
1994年 埼玉生まれ。2016年 日本大学芸術学部映画学科卒業後、TREE Digital Studio CRANKの機材部を経て2017年にフリーランスの撮影助手となる。半沢健氏に師事、ビューティ、ファッション、クルマの現場を数多く経験する。2020年より半沢健氏のチーフアシスタントを務め、2023年4月に独立。現在は広告映像、MVを中心に活動中。クリアなトーンで人物を綺麗に描くのが得意なCinematographer。
Born in Saitama in 1994. After graduating from the Department of Cinema at Nihon University’s College of art in 2016, he worked in the equipment department at TREE Digital Studio CRANK before becoming a freelance camera assistant in 2017. Under the guidance of Takeshi Hanzawa, he gained extensive experience in beauty, fashion, and automotive shoots. From 2020, he served as Takeshi Hanzawa’s chief assistant, and in April 2023, started working independently. Watanabe works on projects of all kinds, with a focus on commercials and music videos. He is a cinematographer skilled in capturing people beautifully with a pure tone.