企画・制作は Mount Inc. さんにお願いしました。最初のお打ち合わせから、丁寧にコンサルしてくださり、ウェブサイトでキラメキの何を伝えるべきか、魅力は何かを会話の中から自然と引き出してくれました。mountチームと話しているだけで、素敵なウェブサイトになりそうだなとワクワクしたのを覚えています。デザイン提案では、おしゃれな海外の雑誌のように洗練されたデザインを全て印刷して持参し、弊社のテーブルに大きく広げてのプレゼン。皆笑顔になり感動しました。ウェブサイトは「速いが正義」のお言葉通り、ストレスフリーの心地良いウェブサイトに仕上がっています。



Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design:
Hidekazu Hayashi (mount inc.)
Technical Direction, Development:
Kenji Okabe (mount inc.)
Information Architect:
Tsubasa Makino, Ayame Kano (mount inc.)
Nana Terada (mount inc.)
Project Management:
Ayame Kano (mount inc.)
Copy Writing:
Yasuhiko Sakura, Makiko Miyake
Illustration Artist:
Stéphane Manel

We aimed to create a website that would make guests/visitors want to visit our site again. Feel free to check us out!
Mount Inc. spearheaded the planning and production of the website. Mount Inc. conducted thorough consultations with us, walking us through what points and appeals our website should possess. Just by our regular meetings, we could already sense an amazing outcome for our new website. During the design proposal, they brought out sophisticated designs similar to stylish overseas magazines, printed it all out, and laid it to our table to conduct brainstorming. Everyone was really impressed with the ideas they presented to us. As the saying goes, “Speed is Key”, we opted for a comfortable, stress-free website.
Copywriting was led by Mr. Sakura and Ms. Miyake. Starting with the monologue on the top page, which Mr. Sakura wrote, we conducted several meetings and discussions to revise words and phrases, and make the overall outcome unique to KIRAMEKI. We are very grateful to Mount Inc. and their team. Through our new website, we hope to foster and connect with every client, production staff, and creators to produce more wonderful projects in the future.