Director Reina HamaneとCinematographer植原雄太が"CEKAI SUMMER CAMP 2023夏"の講師を務めます
Director Reina Hamane and Cinematographer Yuta Uehara will teach at CEKAI SUMMER CAMP SUMMER 2023!

所属DirectorのReina Hamane とCinematographer 植原 雄太 が映像やグラフィック、アートなど様々なものづくりに携わるクリエイターコミュニティCEKAIが提供する小学生向けサマースクール「CEKAI SUMMER CAMP 夏 2023」の講師を務めることとなりました。二人が提供するプログラムは、「8mmビデオカメラで撮影しよう!」です。プログラムの期間は3日間。最終目標はチームごと1本の短編映像を作り上映会を行うことです。撮影は大人の世代には懐かしい8mmビデオカメラを使います。スマートフォンや最新のビデオカメラとは違う質感を体感できる大変興味深い機会です。二人ともこの夏皆さんにお会いできることを、心待ちにしております!


<CEKAI SUMMER CAMP 2023 夏/ 8mmビデオカメラで撮影しよう!>
日程:2023年7月24日(月)- 26日(水)3日間
住所:151-0062 東京都渋谷区元代々木町22−7 村世界 1F
時間:各日9:00 – 15:00(受付開始: 8:45)
参加費:52,000円+税 / 1人 ※オリジナルTシャツ、材料費、保険代込


1日目 撮影内容検討、撮影地下見、撮影準備
2日目 カメラ操作練習、撮影
3日目 上映会準備、上映会
※最終日の14:30 – 15:00で保護者参加可能な上映会を開催します。

浜根 玲奈 Reina Hamane (映像ディレクター / アートディレクター)
植原 雄太 Yuta Uehara (シネマトグラファー)





kirameki Director Reina Hamane, and Cinematographer Yuta Uehara, will teach at CEKAI SUMMER CAMP SUMMER 2023, a summer school for elementary school students offered by CEKAI, a community of creators involved in various creative activities such as video, graphics, and art. The program offered by the two creatives will be “Let’s shoot with an 8mm video camera!” The program will last for three days. The final goal in this program is for each team to make a short film and hold a screening. The filming will be done with an 8mm video camera, which is nostalgic for grown ups. This is a very unique opportunity to experience a texture that is different from that of smartphones and the latest video cameras. Reina and Yuta are looking forward to meeting everyone this summer!

Please click here for application and more detailed information↓↓

<CEKAI SUMMER CAMP 2023 Summer / Let’s shoot with 8mm video camera! >
Dates: July 24 (Mon) – 26 (Wed) 2023, 3 days
Address: Muracekai 1F, 22-7 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062
Time: 9:00 – 15:00 each day (Registration starts at 8:45)
Age range: 4th – 6th grade elementary school students
Capacity: 10 students
Fee: 52,000 yen + tax / person *Includes original T-shirt, materials and insurance

◾️About the program
In this program, video creators active in advertising and music industries will serve as instructors and provide hands-on shooting experience using nostalgic 8mm video cameras. The 8mm video camera, which has a visual texture distinct from that of smartphones and the latest cameras, will be an exciting stimulus for digital-native children. Through this program, they will not only develop a creative point of view, but also deepen their interest in and understanding of video technology, while getting to experience a video production environment firsthand.

◾️ Schedule image
Day 1: Review of shooting content, preliminary inspection of shooting location, preparation for shooting
Day 2: Camera operation practice, filming
Day 3: Preparation for screening, Screening
*On the final day, a screening will be held from 14:30 to 15:00 for parents to attend

◾️ Teachers
Reina Hamane (Director / Art director)
Yuta Uehara (Cinematographer)