Director of Photography: Ivan Kovac

Ivan is an Australian trained, but Japanese industry-raised DP and director. Ivan began his career in Australia as a lighting designer. On moving to Japan he first started working as a documentarian, then moved onwards towards music videos, feature film and CM work. He has a keen eye to fuse the best elements of both Western and Japanese aesthetics, to create a visually unique image that is expressed by his colour, contrast, pattern and motion. He is excited to continue and further developing his commercial style into new and dynamic directions, and looks forward to working with you in the the most cutting edge projects on offer. A documentary Film, “Alone in the Zone,” won The Webby Award in 2014. 

彼の映像の中では、その色使い、コントラスト、パターン、モーションから、西洋と日本の美を独自のスタイルで切り取った、力強いビジュアルが見られる。これからも、ダイナミックで新しい表現を求め、最先端のプロジェクトで皆さんとご一緒できること楽しみにしています。ドキュメンタリーフィルム 「原発20キロ圏内に生きる男 - Alone in the Zone」はウェブ界のオスカーとも呼ばれるWebby Awardにて入賞(2014)