Director of Photography: Liam Gilmour

Liam Gilmour is an Australian based cinematographer.  Liam's Narrative driven, cinematic approach to his craft has seen him sought after for a wide variety of projects throughout the world - from Commercials for large brands to TV Series' for worldwide networks.  His approach to cinematography is collaborative with the director, cast and crew, to get as much light in camera as possible.  He has a meticulous eye for light and strongly believes that no matter what format you choose to shoot, light is the most significant factor.  He loves Japan, and loves working with Japanese crews and talent, a love that has seen him make 14 trips back and forth to Japan in the past 2 years.  He intends to move to Tokyo in the future. Liam has completed projects in over 20 countries. He also owns a complete ARRI Alexa SXT Package and Red Dragon package that are available for travel.

リアム・ギルモアは、オーストラリアのメルボルンを拠点に活動するシネマトグラファー。広告やTVシリーズで活躍中。撮影での一番のこだわりは、光。どんなカメラフォーマットで撮影する場合でも、光を最も大切にしている。これまで20カ国以上で撮影しているが、中でも日本には2年間で14回も訪れているほどの“日本好き”で、日本のクルーやタレントとの撮影も数多く経験している。カメラは、ARRI Alexa SXT と Red Dragon を所有している。