Director of Photography: Oliver Millar

Oliver Millar is a cinematographer born in Canada. He spent most of his childhood in his father's commercial photo studio. He later studied aerospace engineering, and now combines his technical skills with his photographic talent. Oliver shoots all over the world making films, music videos and commercials that are watched by millions. His work is inspired by a passion to learn new things, experiment with film formats, and share his vision. Highly stylized films are his passion, and he has special experience with high-speed cameras, 3D, aerial shooting & product shooting.                  
Awards : Adfest 2018, Film Craft Cinematography Silver, Chevrolet “the hunt alone” Spikes Asia 2017, Cinematography Bronze, Chevrolet “the hunt alone” 

アドフェスト 2018 フィルムクラフト シネマトグラフィー シルバー
スパイクスアジア 2017 シネマトグラフィー ブロンズ