Production Designer: Rika Nakanishi / リカ ナカニシ

Rika Nakanishi is a bilingual production designer based in Los Angeles. Rika studied film at UCLA and shortly after graduation began work with a Production Designer,Tom Brown, for a number of years. They worked on numerous live theater presentations and television shows for BET. During the late1990’s Nakanishi took on the challenge of becoming a production designer, crossing over into commercials and feature films. This gave her the opportunity to expand her creativity into other medias as well including music videos, theme park design and restaurant design. Directors such as Tom Hooper, James Mangold, Sofia Coppola, and Alejandoro Gonzales Inarritu have been particularly impressed by Rika’s dependability, her ability to deliver, and her special flare influenced by her bicultural and international background.

リカ ナカニシは、LAをベースに活動するプロダクションデザイナー。UCLAでフィルムを勉強した後、プロダクションデザイナーのTom Brownの元で数年間キャリアを積む。数多くの舞台やTV番組のセットを手掛けた後、1990年代後半から広告や映画のプロダクションデザインの仕事を手掛け、さらにミュージックビデオやテーマパーク、レストランのデザインへと仕事の幅を広げる。トム・フーパー、ジェームズ・マンゴールド、ソフィア・コッポラ、アレハンドロ・ゴンザレス・イニャリトゥの映画でプロダクションデザインを担当し、その能力を高く評価されている。