Vol. 4〜5
NHK 「東京ミラクルシティ あなたとのご飯を覚えていたい」



This is the second documentary project using new filming techniques.


2017年12月30日(土)午後11時40分(NHK総合) 特別番組「東京ミラクルシティ あなたとのご飯を覚えていたい」

Co-produced with the NHK Special team. A documentary project using new filming techniques is “Tokyo Miracle City.” People in general took all the movies with their own iPhones.Two leading Japanese directors directed and edited a movie from the vast amount of material gathered. Like the first three films, which aired in the spring of 2017, this fourth and fifth films were broadcasted as a special program on NHK General at the end of 2017. The film is a “visual encyclopedia” of Tokyo, documenting the city and its people’s activities from various angles as it undergoes major transformation in preparation for the year 2020.

December 30, 2017, 11:40 p.m. (NHK General) Special Program “Tokyo Miracle City I want to remember my dinner with you”

TOKYO EAT(山戸結希×食する人々)

第4弾は、日本の多種多様な食文化と、それをとりまく暖かな人の営みを撮影した、「TOKYO EAT」。音楽/たま。

TOKYO EAT (Yuki Yamato × Tokyo Foodies)

The fourth film, “TOKYO EAT,” captures Japan’s diverse food culture and the warm human activities that surround it. Music by Tama.

TOKYO MOVE(近藤寛史×東京ワーカー)

第5弾は、東京で働くサラリーマン、OLが、仕事人の忙しない1日を撮影した、「TOKYO MOVE」。音楽/notuv。

TOKYO MOVE(Hiroshi Kondo × Workers in Tokyo)

The fifth film, “TOKYO MOVE,” features a busy day of working people and office workers in Tokyo. Music by notuv.