「Real Amazing」



Conveying the tangible charm of Kochi through video


We received an offer from an agency to participate in a joint presentation for a promotional video for Kochi Prefecture. Kochi is located on the Pacific side of Japan in Southern Shikoku, where you can find Japan’s cleanest rivers, magnificent seas, and bright green mountains. The people protect the nature around them while enjoying its plentiful harvest through food, culture, and play. Instead of a typical tourist destination commercial, we aimed to create a video that could let the viewer immerse themselves into the wonderful sights and sounds of Kochi.



Conveying 3 themes through POV footage

The footage was shot mainly from a first person point of view (POV) to capture interactions with the locals. We shot for a total of 10 days, taking special care to focus on the expressions of people. Due to COVID-19, we could not shoot the Yosakoi Festival, which is Kochi’s biggest event. Instead, we created 3 main themes. The OUTDOOR edition focuses on Kochi’s various outdoor activities. The PEACE edition shows a calm and peaceful trip around the prefecture. The FOOD edition aims to highlight Kochi’s rich culinary offerings, such as traditional cooking, markets and local restaurants.

  • Outdoor ver.
  • Outdoor ver.
  • Peace ver.
  • Peace ver.
  • Food ver.
  • Food ver.


  • Client
    Kochi Visitors & Convention Association
  • Production
    kirameki inc.
  • Producer
    Shiho Tomizawa(kirameki inc.)
  • Production Manager
    Chii Orime(kirameki inc.)
    Shun Mito(kirameki inc.)
  • Creative Director
    Carl Van Wijk
  • Director
    Keiko Takiguchi
  • Cinematographer
    Mami Koyama
  • Drone
    Kagawa Drone Works