「男は、脱ぐ。Men for Men」篇



A brand campaign brought
to life with monochrome
film and dynamic copy

メンズ脱毛専門店 RINX(リンクス)のTVCM・グラフィック広告の制作をしました。今回クリエイティブプランのみならず、メディアプラン、PRも弊社でdirectionさせていただきました。
RINXは全国80店舗以上を展開し累計487万件以上の施術実績を誇る、メンズ脱毛専門店の最老舗ブランドです。新CM「男は、脱ぐ。Men for Men」は「脱」をテーマに、「古い価値観」や「過去の自分」から脱しようという想いを込めています。アンバサダーのYOUさんが視聴者に「それ、脱ぎません?」と大胆に問い掛け、男性の自分らしさの追求を後押します。

We produced a TVCM/ graphics campaign for RINX, a men’s hair removal company.
We not only directed the creative plan, but also the media plan and promotion of it as well. RINX, a pioneer in men’s hair removal with over 80 locations nationwide and more than 4.87 million procedures performed, has launched their new commercial “Men for Men” centered around the theme of “take it off.” The campaign encourages men to take off their “old values” and their “former selves.” In the commercial, brand ambassador YOU boldly asks viewers, “Why don’t you take it off?” supporting men in their pursuit of authenticity.

  • 店頭用ポスターIn-store posters

監督に竹内スグルさんを迎え、最近では珍しい35mmフィルムで撮影をし、一味違うエレガントさを醸し出しています。音楽はフランス拠点のAOCに依頼し、日本xフランスのユニークな化学反応で驚きのあるサウンドとなりました。フォトグラファーHIRO KIMURAさんを迎えたグラフィックはモノクロの力強さが際立った仕上がりとなり、2024年2月5日から一週間、約43mにも及ぶ阪急梅田駅と阪急百貨店うめだ本店北広場をつなぐ大型OOHメディアをはじめ、渋谷スクランブル交差点の大型ビジョンなどに掲載し、多くの人の目を惹きました。

Directed by seasoned director Suguru Takeuchi, the spot was shot on 35mm film, bringing a touch of unique elegance that is not often seen in commercials today. The music, composed by the French music production company AOC, creates a strikingly unique soundscape that could only be born out of a Japan-France collaboration. Photographer Hiro captured powerful black-and-white stills for print, adding to the campaign’s distinct and sophisticated aesthetic. Starting from February 5th 2024, the stills were printed all over the 43m-long stretch of between Hankyu Umeda station and Hankyu Umeda Department plaza for one week, while the movie was shown on the screens of Shibuya scramble crossing, creating a dazzling display of OOH advertising which captivated the eyes of many passersby.

  • 約43mにも及ぶ大型OOHメディアA large-scale OOH media extending to about 43 meters
  • 阪急百貨店うめだ本店入口前地下通路The first basement entrance of Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store
  • 円柱広告のポスターデザインThe poster design for cylindrical advertising
  • 渋谷スクランブル交差点大型ビジョンで上映Shown on the screens of Shibuya scramble crossing


  • Client
  • Production
    kirameki inc.
  • Executive Producer
    Yoshiki Ishii(kirameki inc.)
  • Producer
    Reiji Kobayashi(kirameki inc.)
  • Production Manager
    Seijiro Hosoya
  • Production Assistant
    Angelo Aito Funakoshi(kirameki inc.)
  • Creative Director & Copywriter
    Yasuhiko Sakura(Nakahata)
  • Art Director
    Koichi Kosugi(onehappy)
  • Designer
    Isana Wada(onehappy)
  • Casting Director
    Naoki Onadaka(GOLD CAST)
    Rie Sakima(GOLD CAST)
  • Cast
  • Director & Cinematographer
    Suguru Takeuchi(GLASSLOFT inc.)
  • Lighting Director
    Nobuyuki Takamatsu(comodo)
  • Hair & Make up
    Akemi Nakano
  • Stylist
    Tsugumi Watari
  • Prop Stylist
    Mai Matsumoto(CINQ-ART Inc.)
  • Offline Editor
    Hideki Yamada(ATARAYO)
  • Colorist
    Toshiki Kamei(Artone Film)
  • Online Editor
    Masahito Onishi(IMAGICA Lab.)
  • Mixing Engineer
    Masaharu Kurata
  • Music Title
    Body Scratcher
  • Composer
    Fabrice Smadja
  • Publisher
    AAC(Attention O Chiens)
  • Sound Production House
  • Photographer
    HIRO KIMURA(W inc.)
  • Photo Retoucher
    Shusuke Takahashi(whiteSTOUT inc.)