AC Japan
Uncertain Future
ACジャパン 「白紙の未来」



In a world where modern technology like AI are continuously developing new jobs and methods of work, humans’ capacity to coexist with technology in this slate future is a question often asked. Shot in the perspective of a young girl anxious in walking towards an “uncertain future”, we incorporated CGI and sound effects to symbolize the unknown possibilities technology possess. This campaign aims to send a message to the mass how humans need to adapt to new norms in an ever-changing world. This film hopes to inspire society to guide the younger generation and move forward together towards the future.
In this work, we are including both sign language and subtitles to guarantee information to people with various hearing impairments. Including those whose first language is sign language and those who are more familiar with written information.


  • Client
    Advertising Council Japan
  • Production
    kirameki inc.
  • Executive Producer
    Yoshiki Ishii(kirameki inc.)
  • Producer
    Reiji Kobayashi(kirameki inc.)
  • Production Manager
    Seijiro Hosoya
    Shun Mito(kirameki inc.)
  • Director
    Kazuaki Ue
  • Cinematographer (Main Cam)
    Hitoshi Kato
  • Cinematographer (Sign Language)
    Satoshi Oyamada
  • Lighting
    Nensho Kobayashi
  • Special Effects Supervisor
    Osamu Kikegawa(LOCUST)
  • Art
    Yuki Yonezawa(CINQART)
  • Hair & Make up
    Eito Furukubo(Otie)
  • Stylist
    Katsuhiro Yokota(YKP)
  • Casting
    Chika Mogi(Sense)
  • Cast
    Halo Asada(Space Craft Agency)
  • Sign Language
    Akira Morita
  • Offline Editor
    Yoshinori Kogure
  • Colorist
  • Online Editor
    Takanori Nakamura(CONNECTION Inc.)
  • CGI
    Shigeru Sasaki(KERU)
  • Music
    Katsuya Yamada(Aiin)
  • Mixing Engineer
    Yu Mitamura
  • Narrator
    Go Jibiki