Microsoft Surface 2024
日本マイクロソフト 「サがつく、Surface」
Illustration by moi. 篇



The target audience is college students embarking on a new start in Spring 2024. The concept of “There’s a difference with Surface,” (Sa ga tsuku Surface – in Japanese – means Surface product will make a significant difference) is hoping that you will enjoy the positive changes that arise within you, symbolized by “sa”, alongside with Surface products. The advertisement is expressing the limitlessly expanding essence of diversity in young people through a combination of live-action and illustrations, emphasizing that “it is never confined to just one form”.


  • Client
    Microsoft Japan
  • Production
    kirameki inc.
  • Producer
    Masaru Kaku(kirameki inc.)
  • Production Manager
    Chii Orime(kirameki inc.)
  • Director
    Kensaku Kakimoto(CONNECTION)
  • Illustrator
  • Motion Graphic Designer
    Kaito Mizuno
  • Cinematographer
    Katsutoshi Sawachika
  • Editor
    Kohei Ito
    Kotaro Shinagawa
  • Mixing Engineer
    Yuichi Murata(Ray)
  • Casting
    SKALY Inc.
  • Cast
    Takuto Hamaya
    Reina Sugitani
    Shunki Kishimoto
    Toiro Hina
  • Music
    Katsuya Yamada(aiin)