Sony Motion Capture System mocopi
Sony 可能性、無限大。ちいさくて、かるい、
モバイルモーションキャプチャー mocopi



mocopi is a motion capture system that allows you to easily expand and track full body motion in 3D anywhere, just by installing 6 small sensors. It can also be used anywhere, expanding the range of activities. “Infinite Possibilities” is the running theme for the product video, hence shooting was conducted not only indoors but also outdoor shopping streets, parks and the likes. The catchy tempo of visuals and music appeals to the viewers, enticing them to also try the product themselves.


  • Client
  • Production
    kirameki inc.
  • Producer
    Yuki Masuda(kirameki inc.)
  • Production Manager
    Shun Mito(kirameki inc.)
  • Director / Cinematographer
    Howard Furuta(gradation)
  • Stylist
    Haruna Konno
  • Hair & Make up
  • Casting
    Hajime Atsuta
  • Location Coordinator
    Morihiro Hata
  • Online Edit
    Omnibus Japan
  • Music
    Yuichi Shinbo(Aiin)
  • Photographer
    Takao Nagase(UN)
  • Graphic Producer
    Yoshiya Togashi(UN)